What is AIRates

AIRates© is neutral Cargo Cloud system providing in the most simple and effective way, solutions for the freight forwarding and cargo community.
Teaming up with your preferred cargo agents, AIRates system provides door to door costs or whatever your incoterms states. More and more agents discover the competitive edge this brand new system provides them. While most agents need more than a day to quote an import or triangle shipment, agents and users using AIRates can get all costs with few clicks, in less than a minute.

No more lengthy phone calls, faulty emails and mistakes. 

Those are things of the past now, try AIRates©.

Our philosophy

We strongly believe that the cargo industry can work efficiently, only through agents. The aim of AIRates system, is bringing clients closer to their local agents with the use of simplified technology.

  • AIRates lets the users see their options and costs.

  • The agent sets the personalized charges for each of his users.

  • The agent reviews the user’s booking request, then the agent can accept or use a different carrier/service/rate.

  • The agent is always the decision maker.

Local service with global reach

AIRates will speak your language.

AIRates will provide all costs at your currency, whatever it might be

AIRates will accept both weight and dimensions, imperial or metric

Transparent and organized business

 AIRates offers you, as a user or a freight forwarder, full transparency for all kind of Air shipments, from door to airport and then again to destination door. Both air and local rates. You can now know exactly how much a shipment will cost: door to door or whatever kind of service you need, based on your incoterms. Plus all your quotes are saved under your account, on your bookings tab.

Our 24×7 support team are ready to offer you professional assistance to register, view your contract rates online or on any other issues/queries you may have. It is fairly easy, just go to airates.com/register and choose your country. The system will do the rest for you.

The technology behind

 AIRates is designed by a combination of highly technical I.T engineers from UK and Europe with years of experience on mid-tier RDBMS databases, together with a team of experienced executives from the air freight industry.

AIRates runs on state-of-the-art mid-tier setup, based on the latest cloud technology which ensures 24/7 x 365 days a year uptime. Our cloud architecture is enclosed by hardware firewalls, on both our UK and US locations (live replication), both awarded as Leading Green Datacenters (awards ISO/IEC 270001).

This way we can ensure all users on AIRates can be provided their air freight quotations in few seconds, from a database containing millions of records, updated each day with new destinations and partners. 

Something that took more than a day sometimes, is now done in seconds.

All this, just from being powered by AIRates, an Oracle Silver Partner ©.